You are a farmer and you want advice on how to transition from a conventional activity towards a more regenerative production system.

At RESOILUTIONS we offer tailor made advice adapted to your specific conditions (climate, soil, crops, machinery, market...).

We start by establishing a diagnosis of your system by visiting the farm and interviewing you about your current practices, your goals and aspirations. Then we compile the data into an understandable form.

Usually we analyse:

  • Soil Profile (compaction, rocks, waterlevel, structure).
  • Soil Analysis (physical, chemical).
  • Soil Biology (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods).

You will receive a detailed report and we will discuss the results together. If you desire to continue with us you can order a Regenerative Soil Solution (Note that it is a 3 year commitment, as soils take time to regenerate).